We are Giovanna and Raffaele

and we welcome you in SacreTerre

We take care of this place with love and respect, trying to put together nature’s rythms with contemporary life.

Seeking a way of life more suitable for us

We have been living in town for most of our life, following rules and rythms of our professions: Giovanna architect and counselor, Raffaele medical psychiatrist and psycotherapist. But soon we started to feel that we could no longer get along with that lifestyle. Inspired by our experience with native american wisdom and shamanic cultures, we started to need more good relations not just with people, but also with nature’s elements.

Sacreterre is our chance

We say we chose to live here, but we often feel that we have been chosen by this place. We have been attracted not just by the beauty and the quitness itself, but also by the abundance of elements according to our quest, elements that confirmed us that our dream was sustainable. Now that we have been living here for more than ten years, we are sure, but also our guest can confirm that: inspiration flows from this environment, everyone can experience it, like drinking at a freshwater spring.