Flying over sacreterre village

The Project

Sacreterre is a very small ancient village. We restored the mail building in 2010 and the second one in 2023, due to Giovanna’s profession who made the project and design choices. We have tried to respect local style and we used natural materials and traditional building techniques, according to bioarchitecture.

Get comfortable

We are pleased to share this place and energy with people who come to visit us. Nine rooms for guests and common rooms are available. Different entrances put into connection interiors and exterior. Groups can choose among two rooms for their activities and the dining room is for accommodated guests.

Immerse yourself

The bio-lake or natural pool is always an amazement for our first time guests. Getting acquainted with urban way of life, we have been so separated from natural elements, that we are no longer used to immerse so deeply in nature. Yet, frogs, dragonflies and fireflies are very good bath mates, especially in summer nights.


The Big Oak looks as if it has been there for centuries. When we saw this place for the first time, it was she who whispered to us that our search was over: we had found the right place to root ourselves, cultivate our values and share this spirit with anyone inspired.

Get inspired

At the end of the unpaved road, next to the Cammino di Linari, there is a little church, once dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria, which lighted the way for our work on women spirituality, a practice dear to us that has been strengthened in this place.

A changing place

When we got here there were only ruins. We restored the main building ten years ago and we have ultimately completed working at the second building, in order to welcome more people and let them experience the contact with the land, nature’s rhythms and care of what surrounds us. We let this village grow without forcing anything and feeling part of the transformation.

Come and visit us