News from the construction site

5 October 2021 | Featured

This year we have a good news. Renovation of the old stable and barn building is underway. A traditional rural building that for years had been waiting to find a new function whigh gave a new value to structure and spaces.

Sacreterre enriches of new funcions: we will have a restaurant for our guests and the events that we will organize, that will be located in the old stable; a new and large room for workshops and conferences, located in the old barn and that will be added to our Turtle Room; and 3 new bedrooms for 9 more beds!

We will be able to host larger groups and organize many events!

For these works Sacreterre had access to a financial assistance from the Programma di Sviluppo Rurale 2014-2020. Works will end in 2022.

We apologize for any discomfort caused by the works from Monday to Friday, but we make sure that the area outside the construction site will be sure and enjoyable as ever!!!

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